Five reasons to become a plantify partner

 1. Working solo – and together. Plantify partners work together on shared goals while retaining each partner’s unique identity and strengths, a strate
gy that benefits everyone. Plantify partners mutually reinforce one another by helping members to learn, experiment, innovate and develop professionally. They help each other grow: that is the strength of family.
2. Adding professional quality and value. Plantify partners have access to valuable knowledge about plants and the sector as well as a robust network of leading local growers across Europe: the cornerstones of a distinctive, high-quality product range and service. 

3. Lower supply chain costs. work together to minimise supply chain costs, thereby maintaining and strengthening competitiveness. 

4. Accelerated innovation. Developments in digitalisation, robotisation, online sales, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and sustainability are rapidly unfolding and Plantify partners are addressing the challenges together.

5. Sustainable growth. Plantify partners believe in and aim for sustainable growth with respect for people and the planet. It requires commitment and a willingness to do things differently, not just once but all the time. We achieve our goals by strengthening and supporting each other, an essential approach that benefits us as family firms as well as the wider world.