First identify the values then grow the vision

Values are the fertile ground in which our vision is rooted. They point the way and determine what we do and how – they are at the heart of our character and conscience. 

Plantify Partners share three solid values -
• Doing business together.
• Growing together.
• Creating a better world together.

Doing business together

Plantify Partners boost entrepreneurship and spark innovation. Doing
 business together increases competitive clout, lowers supply chain costs and enhances the product range. It also contributes to professional development and thus a unique proposition.

"Investments and innovations are only possible through healthy growth."

Growing together

Investments and innovations are only possible through healthy growth. This is where economies of scale make a real difference. Plantify Partners share scope along with knowledge, networks, insights and innovation. The result is shared growth while preserving individual assets and identity.

Creating a better world together

Plantify Partners look beyond returns. Of course, we aim to be successful and want to grow but not at the expense of all else. We therefore opt for sustainable entrepreneurship with specialised family firms that occupy strong positions in their local markets. Our perspective is long term and based on a cross-generational approach with respect for people and the planet. This is what makes family firms exceptional and valuable and this is what we want to preserve.

In other words: Plantify Partners work together to grow their companies, their employees, their customers and their business partners sustainably. We weigh every choice against these core values.