Our customers deserve the very best

Plantify Partners Europe is a European network of family firms in the horticultural sector that collaborate strategically to continuously improve their products and services for customers. 

Collaboration is key: with customers and suppliers and now also Europe-wide with other companies – without losing sight of individual identity. 
The times demand this. The needs of the retail sector are ever growing and changing. Trends and innovations are constantly driving us forward. As a collective of family firms, we want to create value in light of these developments. We aim to be on the leading edge, pioneers in our field, and delivering quality is no longer enough. There is constant pressure to be proactive and to innovate.
This is why collaborating – while preserving each partner’s identity and strengths – is key to growth and viability. Although collaboration is not an end in itself, it is vital if we are to continue to innovate and provide top-quality products and services for our European customers. 

"Plantify Partners have chosen to join forces strategically"

Staying successful together

Plantify Partners have chosen to join forces strategically while maintaining each firm’s unique identity. We achieve our goals by sharing knowledge and ongoing professional development and provide employees with room to grow their talents. We succeed by developing beautiful, affordable products and through our commitment to local communities. Ultimately, we provide a raison d’être, both now and in the future, and contribute to sustainable growth for a better world. 
It is in our DNA to transform our values into practical results. 

Join the family

If you would like to know more about becoming a Plantify Partner and what is required, please do not hesitate to contact us. Who knows, something beautiful might grow.